Website Weekend LA Update: Non Profit Signups

Howdy folks! Website Weekend LA is in full swing as we lock down the finer points and venue related tasks. We’re in good shape. With the help of our generous sponsors, we’re closing in on our fundraising goals to make sure we cover all event related expenses! Hooray!

We’re now opening up our Application Signup Form for Non-Profits for consideration to participate in Website Weekend LA. If you’re a non-profit, signup now. We ask that the non-profits are local and either a valid 503c or actively working on the application (in-process). If you know of any local non-profits who could benefit from this event, encourage them to signup! Spread the word! Better yet, if you haven’t already, get involved!

Volunteer Information

For those interested in signing up to volunteer and help out, thank you! We will be selling a limited number of tickets for those looking to volunteer their time for Website Weekend LA. You can buy your ticket for $15 here.

Why are we selling tickets. Primarily to help offset expenses related to the event such as food and drinks. But it also helps ensure that the most serious people who want to help do help. Put another way, if people put money into a thing they’re more likely to “show up.” Get your ticket here.

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