Volunteer Spotlight: Daniel Zivetz

dan_at_desk2In the weeks leading up to Website Weekend LA 2016, we’ll be shining the spotlight on some of the volunteers who will be donating their time and talent during the event to help build websites for local nonprofit organizations that are doing good in the community. Today, we meet Daniel Zivetz!

What’s your day job?

My day job is “lead tech” at West LA Computer Expert where we provide PC/network support for West LA and the surrounding areas.

How will you be using your experience to help during Website Weekend?

I have studied web design at Santa Monica College for years and I’ve earned the Website Software Specialist and Website Creator certificates. I hope I can contribute my skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to the weekend. I am also very familiar with WordPress and Bootstrap.

What was your favorite project that you ever worked on?

I enjoyed designing my company website which was based on a WordPress premium theme.

Why are you excited about Website Weekend?

I am excited about the weekend because it is an opportunity to collaborate with other web designers of varying skill levels and different subjective outlooks. It’s for a good cause of course and I hope we can build some sites we feel proud of.

What’s your favorite book, movie or tv show?

Current favorite TV show is the limited HBO series. “The Night Of….”

What’s your favorite color?

Favorite color would be lime green.

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