Volunteer Spotlight: Andressa Anantharaju

andressa_anantharaju_profileIn the weeks leading up to Website Weekend LA 2016, we’ll be shining the spotlight on some of the volunteers who will be donating their time and talent during the event to help build websites for local nonprofit organizations that are doing good in the community. Today, we meet Andressa Anantharaju!

What’s your day job?

UI/UX Designer (Freelancing – working at a digital agency and a startup at the moment)

How will you be using your experience to help during Website Weekend?

Help brainstorm solutions, layouts, flows, sketching, wireframing and designing the interface.

What was your favorite project that you ever worked on?

My favorite project so far has been a travel expense tracking & budgeting app that I’m working on.

Why are you excited about Website Weekend?

The exciting spirit of a hackathon with like minded people working for a good cause.

What’s your favorite book, movie or tv show?

I love Game of Thrones!

What’s your favorite color?

Aqua blue

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