Sponsor Spotlight: Event Espresso

Once upon a time there was no event management or ticket sales solution in the WordPress ecosystem. Those days were sad days.

c8nzm5o6Then a mighty warlock, named Seth Shoultes, emerged from his thousand years of meditation to build the first big thing. Event management and ticketing solutions built just for WordPress. A platform was born, one that has been duplicated many times over by the competition but no competitor has reached the level that Event Espresso has.

So, you wanna manage events do ya?


Well, good! Event Espresso has nearly too many features to list. If you need a robust system that integrates perfectly with your WordPress-powered website you’re looking at the right tool for the job. EE is literally the “Swiss Army Knife” of event management solutions. If you want venue management, staff and attendee management and profiles Event Espresso is your jam.

Oh, yeah? You wanna sell tickets, too?


Fugeddaboutit, EE can do that, too.

Now you wanna get fancy and scan tickets at the door? There’s an app for that, too, bub!


Event Espresso makes scanning in your attendees tickets super simps, too! The folks at EE invested time, sweat, tears and many tens of thousands of dollars in building true native mobile apps that integrate beautifully with your EE powered sites.

Ordinary Events plugins are sorta like a “sad Keanu.” They do some things well, but not all the things you want.


Event Espresso? All the stuff is covered.


Simply put, Event Espresso has the right tools you need to run your event no matter how complex or how simple it is. All the tools are there. Not only that but EE is one of the most mature and stable platforms available for self-hosted event management anywhere.

Please help me welcome and thank Seth Shoultes and Event Espresso for sponsoring Website Weekend.

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