Sponsor Spotlight: Pagely

Best WordPress HostingI wish more companies were hands-on and community involved like Pagely. Headed by Josh and Sally Strebel, Pagely is among the most personable companies in the web hosting industry. Part of that lends itself to their deep-roots in the WordPress community. I think their own desire to put back more than they take is a driving force that shows in a variety of ways. Pagely recognizes the importance of giving back and helping your local community. They “get it.”

Pagely is also a performance-optimized platform for business websites powered by WordPress. They innovated the Managed WordPress Platform long before the industry exploded, just seven short years ago. Pagely has been at the forefront of performance, platform stability, and innovation since they hit the scene.

Join me in thanking Pagely as our awesome and generous in-kind sponsor.

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