Volunteer Spotlight: April Edwards!

april-edwards-2015-largeIn the weeks leading up to Website Weekend LA 2016, we’ll be shining the spotlight on some of the volunteers who will be donating their time and talent during the event to help build websites for local nonprofit organizations that are doing good in the community. Today, we meet April Edwards!

What’s your day job?

Digital Strategist & Designer at { ae } Design Co. located in the heart of Carlsbad Village. I help busy business owners get a grip on their marketing to generate more targeted business through strategic design, development & digital marketing services.

How will you be using your experience to help during Website Weekend?

While design is my first love, I’ve been told that I can wrangle a project pretty well! Plus, I guess I can admit that I’m pretty organized. And, I LOVE collaboration. I’ll be managing a Website Redesign project for a local non-profit that provides sex education and resources for young African American adults. I’m managing a team of six to ensure an enjoyable experience for the client and a stellar finished website that they’ll be excited to promote.

What was your favorite project that you ever worked on?

I’m currently working with a start-up that is selling a revolutionary nut and seed breakfast smoothie. It’s been the perfect collaboration between my team and the client, plus I completely stand behind their product. We’ve been helping them launch their product into the marketplace with marketing planning and implementation including: market & competitive analysis, key messaging, target personas, digital strategy, style guidelines, content creation and an e-commerce website.

Why are you excited about Website Weekend?

I’m really looking forward to putting my skills to use for some greater good. Apart from that, my day-to-day team, clients and I all collaborate remotely. While I’ve had the opportunity to have one “board meeting” (surf session) with a client, things like that don’t happen very often. I’m really looking forward to being out of the office, working in-person with a solid team and learning from one another.

What’s your favorite book, movie or tv show?

It’s hard to read a ton with two littles at home but put on any nature show and I’m in pure bliss. I’ve also really enjoyed watching the Chef’s Table series on Netflix. The show takes you on a deep dive into the “why” for each chef, what their drive is, and the unique experience they bring to the table.

What’s your favorite color?

Teal like my favorite place in the world, the ocean.

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