Website Weekend LA was created by Natalie MacLees in October 2013. The idea was simple – match up professionals in design, development, user experience, copy writing, branding, etc. with nonprofit organizations in need of help with their web presence. To Natalie’s great surprise, lots of others were onboard with the idea, and about 50 volunteers showed up over the course of the weekend to build out websites for 7 different nonprofit organizations.

For nonprofit organizations, Website Weekend is an amazing opportunity to consult with digital professionals to build websites that shares their stories and connects with audiences. We build the sites to be easy to maintain and update going forward. Additionally, we also provide training for the representatives of the nonprofit in how to use their new websites.

Digital professionals get a chance to use their skills to make the world a better place. They also get a chance to collaborate with new people and to build a new project for their portfolio. The nonprofit projects are different from everyday work, so for many it’s a refreshing change from their daily work. Lots of new relationships and friendships were formed at the first Website Weekend.

For 2016, we more than doubled the event and had 120 volunteers pitch in to do website projects for 16 different nonprofit organizations. If you’re interested in getting involved in a future Website Weekend, we’d love to have you, whether you’re a nonprofit organization, a digital professional, volunteer, or a sponsor.