The Cante Sica Foundation

Case Study: The Cante Sica Foundation

The Organization

The Cante Sica Foundation’s mission is to create opportunities for healing, understanding and reconciliation around the legacy of the Native American boarding school system, the U.S. Government’s policy of forced assimilation of indigenous peoples between 1879 and 1975.

The Foundation works towards this mission through the implementation of the “Boarding School Stories” project, which documents, in visual histories, the experiences of Native American elders who attended boarding schools, and to share these interviews with students, scholars and the general public through the innovative use of new media.


The Team

  • Ross Teasley, Project Manager
  • Stephanie Froehner, Graphic Design
  • Dana Rome, Lead UX
  • Amy Wong, UX
  • Monika Zarako-Dobrowner, Content
  • Elizabeth Femino, Lead Developer
  • Alex Dei Santi, Developer

The Project

Team Cante Sica was in a unique position: The Cante Sica Foundation had no existing website, so they were tasked with creating an entirely new website from scratch.

The team worked with Jonathan Skurnik, Founder and Executive Direction of the Foundation to gather the content, images, and media for the project and put it all together to create a cohesive and compelling story.