The Fund for Santa Barbara

Case Study: The Fund for Santa Barbara

The Organization

The Fund directs a local grant-making program that supports organizations working for social, economic, environmental and political change throughout Santa Barbara County. Community activists play a central role in the decision-making process. The Fund believes that conditions improve most dramatically when those who are most affected by an issue come together and organize to confront its root causes..


The Team

  • Serita Robinson, Project Manager
  • Amy Hseih, Graphic Design
  • Sarah Sathavipat, UX
  • Rachel Ly, Content
  • Dan Huynh, Content
  • Kirk Biglione, Lead Developer
  • Melissa Manousos, Developer

The Project

The Fund for Santa Barbara was struggling with an old and outdated website that was difficult to change and update in addition to be cluttered and hard to navigate.

Team Santa Barbara was up for the challenge and built out a new site that is responsive, accessible, easy to update, and easy to navigate. The content was restructured to tell a compelling story about the organization and the work they do.