Frequently Asked Questions for Nonprofits


How many projects will you be accepting?

We’re looking to do projects for 15 nonprofits. Applications are open through October 15 or until all 15 spots are filled, whichever comes first.

If my nonprofit is accepted, what are my obligations?

Content. We’ll be relying on you to gather and/or create all of the content for your new websites. Content includes not just text, but also any images, photographs, video, and/or audio that you’d like to include on your new website.

You’ll need to turn over all the content that will be included on the new site no later than Friday, October 21, and preferably sooner.

Regular meetings with your project manager. We’ll be assigning a project manager to each project and we recommend that you meet with your project manager weekly in the weeks leading up to the event. Your project manager is your go-to person for getting questions answered.

Attend Website Weekend. As your team works on your site that weekend, they’ll have plenty of questions for you and will need you to help make decisions along the way. We recommend that you plan to attend both days of Website Weekend. We’ll also be offering training to you as part of Website Weekend in how to use, maintain, and update your new website.

What will I need to provide to my team?

In addition to all the content for your site, your team will need some other information from you to be able to put your new website live. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Your logo
  • Hosting account login credentials
  • Domain registrar login credentials
  • FTP server, username, and password
  • Any additional login credentials for your website or CMS

Your project manager will work with you to make sure that your team has everything they need to get their work done effectively.

Will help be available from my team after Website Weekend?

We leave this up to the individual team members. They are not obligated to offer any ongoing support, but can elect to do so if they wish.

Note that we do focus on building the websites to be easy to manage and update so that you’ll be able to take care of the site yourself. Additionally, on the Sunday of Website Weekend, we’ll have expert trainers offering training for you so that you’ll know how to take care of your site.

How will I learn how to use my new website?

On Sunday, October 23, as part of Website Weekend, we’ll be offering up a training session for each nonprofit involved. We’ll have expert trainers on hand to teach you how to update content, add new content, and maintain your site. We’ll also suggest resources for you to learn more and get support going forward.

Will my website look professional?

Yes, absolutely! We have some really talented professionals that are volunteering their time during Website Weekend to make sure your website is polished and effective. Check out these short profiles of some of our volunteers to learn a bit more about who’s participating.

What can be done in a weekend?

Even with a team of experienced professionals, there is a limit to what can be done in a single weekend. Please keep that in mind as we move forward and be prepared to be flexible. Your project manager and team will work with you to prioritize your wish list to make sure that the most important features for your nonprofit are in place. This might mean making some tough choices and some compromises, so be prepared. But rest assured that we’re using as many tools as possible to make sure that the website you have at the end will be effective and will work hard for your organization.

Where will my new website be hosted?

If you have an existing website, we’ll use your current website hosting account as long as it’s able to host your new website. If it’s not, we’ll help you find new website hosting. If your organization is 501(c)3, DreamHost will provide hosting free of charge. If your organization is not 501(c)3, then we’ll work with you to find affordable and reliable website hosting.