What to Expect at Website Weekend LA

Website Weekend Los Angeles is a Hackathon. Some people may be confused what a hackathon is. When explaining this event to my family, they often ask: “Isn’t that like the thing from the ‘Social Network?'”

That’s cute, but no. For Website Weekend LA, while it is a hackathon, we prefer to think of it as an event where people work together to find new solutions to a problem.

What can you expect before the event?

If you’re a project manager: Project managers will work with the nonprofit point-of-contact to lay down some basic expectations and suggest ways to get and stay organized for the event. They’ll coordinate their nonprofit and their digital team to ensure that everyone is on the same page with scope for the project and that everyone has the right information to move forward and build something awesome.

If you’re a designer, developer, or content person: Your team’s project manager will provide you with a project outline defining the goals involved and will coordinate between you and the nonprofit for whom you’re building a website. Depend on your PM to coordinate project details and to get you any information or assets that you might need from the nonprofit to do your work.

If you’re a general volunteer: Event organizers Natalie MacLees or myself (Alex Vasquez) will be in touch with you before the event to give you an idea of what you can do to help during the weekend, which may include setup and cleanup activities throughout the weekend.

If you’re a nonprofit: We expect you to be available and present for the event. Your project’s success depends on it. Also, “be fluid.” Which is to say, it’s a small amount of time to do work, so adjust expectations accordingly. That said, be prepared to be amazed by your team’s excellent work. But be fluid and present. =)

What can you expect during the event?

It’s hectic, and there’s a lot of action happening, it’s crazy and exciting.

OpenX provides a large space to work and collaborate with fellow volunteers.

Our sponsor, OpenX, will provide drinks and snacks throughout the weekend. We will also provide breakfast and lunch to keep both volunteers and nonprofits energized and fully alert.

What can you expect after the event?

We will gather to review all projects and discuss them with the nonprofits and their teams. We’re not giving out prizes as the real prize is doing something great for local communities and the nonprofits that serve them.

Volunteers may decide to continue working with their nonprofits after the event. It’s not an expectation, however. That decision is left up to the nonprofit and respective volunteer(s).

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