Nonprofits for 2016

These are the awesome nonprofits that participated in Website Weekend LA 2016. We'll be posting up more information about these projects and the impact that the projects have had on the organizations soon!

Alliance for Community Transit Los Angeles

The Alliance for Community Transit-Los Angeles strives to create community transit – just, equitable, sustainable transit systems and neighborhoods for ALL people in Los Angeles, placing the interests of low-income communities and communities of color first as we create a more sustainable city.

Basta, Inc.

BASTA was founded in 2004 to assist tenants whose landlords ignore state and local laws. Tens of thousands of families are wrongfully evicted each year. Other families are forced to live in slum conditions in violation of state and local health and safety laws that causes significant health issues for the tenants. BASTA arose to remedy these injustices.

Black Women for Wellness

Black Women for Wellness is a multi-generational, community based organization committed to the well being of Black women and girls by building healthy communities through health education, empowerment and advocacy. Organized by 6 women in 1997, BWW is on a mission to enhance the health and well being of African American and Black women and girls.

The Cante Sica Foundation

The Cante Sica Foundation was created to create the Boarding School Stories project.  The project records visual histories of alumni and survivors of Government boarding schools dedicated to ridding Native Americans of their language and culture.

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry

Celebrate Life Cancer Ministry began after a personal experience with breast cancer 15 years ago. Our goal is to support all cancer types and help them to fight the fight of life. We understand that no one should have to go through cancer alone. Our greatest vision is to have a home called Shepherd's Manor where people can come the day of chemo and go home when they feel better.

Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley

Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley is a nonprofit organization that was incorporated in May 2009 to provide temporary housing and other assistance to homeless families in the region. It began providing services in December 2011. Family Promise SGV is one of 178 Family Promise affiliates in 41 states across the country.

The Fund for Santa Barbara

The Fund for Santa Barbara directs a local grant-making program that supports organizations working for social, economic, environmental and political change throughout Santa Barbara County. Community activists play a central role in the decision-making process. The Fund believes that conditions improve most dramatically when those who are most affected by an issue come together and organize to confront its root causes.

Girl Develop It, Los Angeles

Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development. Girl Develop It helps women of diverse backgrounds achieve their technology goals and build confidence in their careers.

ICL Academy

ICL Academy for Film and Performing Arts has three three high school programs allow students to earn a valuable Dwight Open World Diploma as well as College Credits while building a professional performing arts portfolio.

Kybele Dance Theater

Kybele Dance Theater is a contemporary dance company that showcases at festivals and self-produces full evening shows. In addition to performances, the company also aspires to give back to the community with dance workshops in schools.

Leadership Pasadena

Leadership Pasadena was founded in answer to the question “How can we, the people of Pasadena, help the city and community become better at improving itself?” Leadership Pasadena graduates have used their experience to further their careers as well as improve their organizations.

Living Legend Foundation

A Foundation that has a passion and a heart for Living Jazz & Blues Legends. We created this foundation with the purpose of educating our youth about honoring and celebrating Jazz & Blues Legends and Greats, generally over the age of 70. We now have changed this to the tender age of 65 and above. Our goal and mission is to make sure that Jazz & Blues lives on in the heart and minds of our future generation.

New Hearts Recovery Network

New Hearts Recovery Network is a non-profit organization that devotes its time to passionately advocating for human beings that need help in every aspect of life. Financial, medical, and emergency relief is available. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.

OC Reforma

Established in 1979, The Orange County Chapter of REFORMA is part of the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking. The chapter is dedicated to the improvement of library and information services to Southern California's Latino and Spanish-speaking communities.

Social Action Partners

Social Action Partners (SoACT) was established in 2009 to assist organizations that share a common agenda to work in collaboration and develop shared resources, particularly in low-income community. We act as a capacity-building consultation resource for nonprofits and foundations seeking to strengthen the competencies of community-based organizations. maintains a Directory where people can search for therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinics, hospitals, treatment centers, crisis lines, and advocacy organizations to easily find the help they need. Additionally, the organization does Stigma Projects to reduce stigma toward mental disorders.